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MICHAEL GESSNER, Sculptor and Performance Artist

Miro Mirage, Playing with Picasso, Surrealist Games – Having worked extensively with Bev Salas (of Movable Parts Productions), I can attest to her mastery of a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to art, bringing together musicians, singers, dancers along with other genres of visual and performance artists. MPP blends these single voices into a chorus and weaves individual threads into a tapestry. Using cross-pollination and inclusion as creative tools to expand the scope and reach of the life-affirming energy that art can engender in a community, MPP places the performers and audience into an enhanced experience that allows a special kind of enchantment to take place.

JOEL AHMAN, Musician, Secret Circus

Alternative Folk Showcase, Kimo Theater – We have worked with Movable Parts Productions on multiple occasions, and are happy to keep doing so! The sense of community and collaborative mindset make them very easy and pleasant to work with.

DAN O'BRIEN, Founder, O’Brien and Associates

St. Patrick’s Day Parade – What was especially notable about our event was her [Movable Parts, Bev Salas] ability to respond to last minute schedule/detail changes in a creative and ‘can do’ way.


Art Walk and Talk – Always imaginative and hard-working, Bev Salas takes a creative approach with helping me to exhibit my work.

KATHY ISAACSON, PhD, UNM Professor of Communication

Audience Member – Moveable Parts Productions (MPP) has brought so much joy to my adult life! Quenching my thirst for artistic endeavors where happy people enjoy creative offerings, the events developed by MPP Producer Beverly Salas are well-organized, brimming with love and high quality music and art. These professional events are priorities on my calendar and I know I am a better person for my participation in them.


House Concerts – MPP’s sensitivity and professionalism create the perfect bridge between our music and spectators´ hearts. The collaborative approach between Movable Parts Productions and my band ENGINE provides the perfect context: a unique and special night of warmth for our music and the audience.

CALLIE SIOUX, Musician, Gleewood

House Concerts – Your spirit of joy has been a wonderful thing to be able to enjoy when we come through Albuquerque. We are so thankful for your kindness and encouragement over the years.


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