Beverly Salas, Director of Movable Parts Productions, is a participant, producer, and promoter of the Arts. Through collaborative conversations and hard work, she has been co-creating musical, art, theatrical, and community events for several decades.  Among her favorite collaborations: Surrealist Games*Miro Mirage*, and Playing with Picasso*.  Since relocating to Albuquerque, Movable Parts Productions has produced the Alternative Folk Showcase (3 bands, KiMo Theater), Sgt. Peppers’ 50th Anniversary (w/ Cactus Tractor, Outpost Performance Space), Sackett Sculptures Walk and Talk, and more, including two dozen House Concerts. 

Ms. Salas has a B.A. in Creative Arts, a Masters in Education, and a life time of creating community while having fun! Bev Salas is highly skilled and accomplished in manifesting multi-dimensional, kinesthetic events... creative happenings.  

Applying Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, her inclusive events attract a wider range of tastes making the experience fully immersive.

Adventurist and nature investigator, life-long bicycle rider, she is an author of poetry, prose and song.  Ms. Salas also enjoys philosophical word-play, occasionally holding a “Socrates Café” where guests respond to a thoughtful question from many perspectives.

To learn more about Herstory, browse the blog post here: http://movablepartsnm.com/herstory/herstory/
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