Community Member – This client is interested in creating a multi-layer experience for her/himself OR for community benefit. (Party, Performance, Practice)

For the individual who wants to create a party:
Movable Parts works with the client to create an immersive, unique happening incorporating multi-genre layers for different intelligences
To see what Movable Parts provides:
Explore Client #1 (artist, etc.)

For the individual who wants to share skills:
Movable Parts provides an intimate setting

  • Practice space
  • Performance space

For the community at large:
Movable Parts offers community members and artists a space to gather small

  • Gathering space
    a. Meetings
    b. Instruction regarding community issues
  • Practice Space
    a. Music
    b. Dance
    c. Yoga
  • Performance Space
  • Skill-share (art instruction; photography club, etc)
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