Artist, Musician, Performer - This client gets paid by selling more art, selling more tickets, or increasing value to their genre.
Movable Parts may provide any or all of the below:

  • Content Creation = Multi-genre; or single genre
    1. Client + Producer collaborate
    2. Client may create own content
  • Content Preservation
    1. Photographer
    2. Videographer
  • Location Scouting + Logistics
    1. Audio/visual performance design and/or recording
    2. Contract “use of space” agreement = One-time use and/or rental contract
    3. Production value
    4. Ticket sales, catering, location scouting)
    5. Set up; tear down assistance
  • Public Relations (radio, print, press kit, PSA)
  • Performances or Installations designed to attract a wider range of tastes and preferences appealing to several of our multiple intelligences
  • Greater attendance
  • Fun!

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